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Hottest TV Reporters

Hottest TV Reporters

When it comes to hot female news reporters, hot female anchors and hot weather girls, there’s certainly no shortage. In fact, there’s no shortage of the most beautiful news reporters in California. Brains and beauty? These beautiful journalists really do have it all. In this roundup, you’ll find plenty of beautiful news reporters photos, pretty journalists photos and hottest weather girls photos ever. (via)

Jill Nicollini photos:
jill nicollini photos

Jill Nicollini, entertainment reporter for WNYW, was rumored to have modeled for PlayBoy several years ago…so what’s not to love?

Sugey Abrego photos:
sugey abrego

Sugey Abrego
is a weather woman for Mexican television. The picture speaks for itself.

Lauren Sanchez photos:
lauren sanchez

Co-host of KTTV’s “Good Day LA” and “Ten O’clock News” Lauren Sanchez has also appeared in quite a few films. Sorry guys, she’s married.

Jackie Johnson photos:

jackie johnson
Jackie Johnson
is a weather forecaster and tv personality for KCBS-TV. Graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, she’s a naturally beautiful southern belle.

Maria Menounos photos:

maria menounos
Maria Menounos, whose bio includes Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and Extra also appeared in several films and television shows. One look at this Greek goddess and it’s no wonder why.

Erin Andrews photos:

erin andrews
Erin Andrews
, sportscaster for Fox Sports, also appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Careful now guys, she’s dating Los Angeles Kings’ Jarret Stoll and I’m sure he knows how to throw a punch or two.

Courtney Friel photos:
courtney friel
Formerly a member of Fox News Channel, Courtney Friel is a news anchor/reporter on KTLA. Before joining the network, Friel posed for Maxim in a bikini and these photos were leaked to Gawker in 2009.

Giuliana Rancic photos:
giuliana rancic
Giuliana Rancic
is currently an E! News co-anchor and also co-anchor’s the channel’s “Fashion Police.” I think we can all agree she’s much more appealing to look at than Joan Rivers.

Georgie Thompson photos:
georgie thompson
Formerly the face of Sky Sports News, Georgie Thompson is now a correspondent on Regis Philbin’s sports talk show Crowd Goes Wild.

Lissette Gonzalez photos:

lisette gonzalez
Lissette Gonzalez
is a weather forecaster on CBS4. This busty beauty also has a record deal with RCA and was a second-runner-up in Miss America.

Mary Gamarra photos:
mary gamarra photos

Mary Gamarra
is the weather presenter on Telemundo’s Cada Dia con Maria Antonieta. Born in Peru, this beauty will keep you captivated no matter what the weather’s like.

Deirdre Bolton photos:
deirdre bolton photos
Anchor on Bloomberg Television and host of “MoneyMoves” Deirdre Bolton is quite naturally stunning.

Bianna Golodryga photos:

bianna golodryga photos
Bianna Golodryga
is the co-anchor of Good Morning America’s weekend edition and ABC News’ Business Correspondent. Her exotic beauty is part of her captivating charm

Vera Jimenez photos:
vera jimenez photos
Vera Jimenez
is a meteorologist and traffic reporter for KTLA 5 News who happens to wear very revealing blouses regularly.

Betty Nguyen photos:

betty nguyen photos
Betty Nguyen
was an anchor and correspondent on CBS news but now you can find her perfect smile on NBC news.

Megyn Kelly photos:
megyn kelly photos
Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, is said to move to prime time when she returns from maternity leave in order to boost Fox’s ratings. Her controversial actions and recent photo shoot for GQ have put her in the forefront of many people’s minds.

Ghida Fakhry Khane photos:

ghida fakhry khane photos
Ghida Fakhry Khane
is the presenter of Al Jazeera’s documentary program, Witness. She is also fluent in four languages, which could make anyone even sexier.

Amy Robach photos:

amy robach photos
Former anchor of NBC’s Today Show, Amy Robach is currently a journalist and correspondent for ABC news. This mother of two has some amazing legs that she isn’t afraid to show off.

Rachel Maddow photos:
rachel maddow
Rachel Maddow
hosts MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.” Maybe it’s her lack of compliance with what is typically associated with beauty (tons of makeup, dresses, long hair) that makes Maddow so attractive to males and females alike.

Erin Burnett photos:
erin burnett photos

Erin Burnett
is a journalist and news anchor of her own show, “OutFront” and co-anchored CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” and her natural beauty is sure to keep you mesmerized.

Melissa Theuriau photos:

melissa theuriau
Melissa Theuriau is a French newscaster who is the editor in chief and host of “Zone interdite.” Given the several photos of her enjoying France’s topless beaches, Theuriau certainly isn’t afraid to show off her great body!

Rebecca Jarvis photos:
rebecca jarvis photos
Rebecca Jarvis
, previous co-anchor of CBS This Morning Saturday is currently the chief business and economics correspondent at ABC news.

Jackie Guerrido photos:
jackie guerrido photos
Jackie Guerrido
is a Puerto Rican television weather forecaster and journalist. She also launched a clothing line which donates part of the profits to women who can’t afford schooling and housing. Charity is sexy, folks.

Liz Cho photos:
liz cho photos
WABC-TV news anchor Liz Cho is a natural beauty who looks like a model in most photos taken of her.

Lauren Scruggs photos:
lauren scruggs
Editor in chief of LOLO magazine, Lauren Scruggs survived an accident that caused her to lose an arm and her left eye, but she still considers herself lucky, and looks beautiful doing it.

Amanda Drury:
amanda drury
Quite the curvy beauty, Amanda Drury is a co-anchor of CNBC’s “Street Signs.”

Katie Linendoll photos:
katie linendoll photos
Katie Linendoll
's bio is seemingly endless, but she appears most often on ESPN as a sports tech contributor, and there's nothing sexier than a girl who knows her way around a computer.

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Celebrity feet footwear faux-pas

Celebrity feet footwear faux-pas

When you’re a celebrity in the spotlight, it’s important to pay careful attention to one’s appearance from head to toe! Some female celebrities who have skipped a pedicure appointment end up scrutinized. Female celebrity feet and male celebrity feet get photographed more often than an everyday person. Photos of a celebrity’s bare foot or foot in sandals are often magnified to see if proper care of the foot is in order. Unsightly foot care problems like bunions on the feet, corns, cracked heels, veins or gnarly toenails can become a sensational topic for male and female celebrities.

Celebrities like: Anna Wintour, Oprah Winfrey, Lebron James, Brandi Glanville, Elle Macpherson, Kim Kardashian, Christina Hendricks, Iman, Julianne Moore, Lea Michele, Audrina Patridge, Kate Beckinsale, and more.

anna wintour feet
anna wintour feet
Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s feet seemed to be lacking a pedicure.

oprah's feet
Media titan Oprah Winfrey’s feet were snapped while she was walking in sandals. You were able to see Oprah’s bunions and hammertoes.

brandi glanville feetbrandi glanville feet

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville put her best foot forward on the red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards, but her large bunion prevented her shoe from fitting properly. Eddie Cibrian’s ex looked smashing in a low cut top, but everyone’s eyes were drawn to the large bunion on her foot.

elle macpherson feetelle macpherson feet
Elle Macpherson’s feet were nearly completely exposed in ill-fitting shoes. The supermodel’s toes and heels were sliding out of shoes that could barely fit her feet.

kim kardashian feetkim kardashian feet
Heavily pregnant Kim Kardashians’ feet looked like packed sausages in casing when she walked around in ill-fighting shoes even though here feet were swollen.

christina hendrickschristina hendricks feet

“Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks looked spectacular at an event for People magazine, but her sandals exposed a large bunion that protruded outside of the shoe. Christina Hendricks’ feet were noticeably missing nail polish.

iman's feetiman's feet
Legendary supermodel Iman’s bunions couldn’t be contained by her sandal straps. Her exposed feet revealed the toll wearing high heels can take on your feet.

julianne moore feetjulianne moore feet
Julianne Moore’s toes spilled out of her shoe straps at a red carpet event. The actress later told reporters that she had know idea how her feet looked in the shoes.

lea michele feetlea michele feet
“Glee” actress Lea Michele’s feet could hardly feet her shoes at a red carpet event—you see more than an inch of room behind her heels, a clear sign that Lea Michele’s feet were too small for the shoes.

audrina patridge feetaudrina patridge
“The Hills” star Audrina Patridge’s toes played peek-a-boo under the shoe straps. Obviously Audrina Patrdige’s feet couldn’t fit the shoes properly.

kate beckinsale feetkate beckinsale feet
Actress Kate Beckinsale’s feet looked fine in her shoes, but an unsightly corn was visible as she posed on the red carpet. Kate Beckinsale’s nude pedicure helped to balance the bright neon piping on her high heels.

LeBron Jame’s feet were scaring people online. The baller’s broken toes became a trending topic.


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The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes On How He Got Tea Bagged By A Fan

On keeping Tom under control while in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio Music Festival…

"Probably not. I’m sure we’ll try, but what success we have will probably be an instant failure."

On who he’s excited to see at the iHeartRadio Music Festival…

"Obviously Elton John—a legend. I think it’s very rare you get an opportunity to see someone like that."

On get well gifts while recovering from surgery…

"I had a wonderful gift from Lithuania. They sent to my house—I don’t know how they found out where I live—but they sent varieties of tea from all around the world. It was really a massive gift, but unfortunately during the shipping, all the tea bags had been squashed and broke, so it was one massive bag of tea leaves with a lot of empty tea bags. It was really a thoughtful gift, but it didn’t quite work out as planned. That’s the only time I can say I have been tea bagged, and it was from the good people of Lithuania.”


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Your chance to meet Taylor Swift

Are you Taylor Swift's biggest fan? Prove it and you'll win two tickets to her sold-out concert and you'll get to meet her! Wouldn't you “like” to meet ‪#‎TaylorSwift‬? Details here:

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Carson busts a move? The dowager gets funky? Thomas shakes his thang whilst in underwear? You can only thank the Internet for this.

Watch this hilarious interpretation of the “Downton Abbey” cast dancing the Harlem Shake.

Bonus points to those who spotted Thomas’s missing finger!

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Ed Sheeran reacts to Jennifer Lopez’s Grammy dress & more

A minute with Ed Sheeran… he chats about the Grammy Awards and reacts to photos from the night  (SOURCE):

Ed Sheeran’s performance at Star 94.1’s pre-Valentine’s Day lunch (SOURCE):

Video streaming by Ustream

Ed Sheeran has fun with his “A Team” lyrics on Jesse Lozano in the Morning  (SOURCE):


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Celebrity plastic surgery disasters and wowzers!

Celebrity plastic surgery disasters and wowzers!

For these celebrities, going under the knife is no secret. Whereas stars of Hollywood’s golden age underwent modest and discreet cosmetic surgery procedures, many of the celebrities of today have stayed in the public eye because of the plastic surgery performed on them. (via)

lisa rinna lips plastic surgery
Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery procedures include breast implants, Botox, cheeks, lip reduction and lip enhancement through Juvederm injections. Lisa Rinna’s lips have been routinely criticized for being too big, but the actress is determined to have a full pout. (via)

pamela anderson boobs plastic surgery
Pamela Anderson is an international sex symbol, and her exceptionally large breast implants is her stamp of pride. Throughout her career, Pamela Anderson has had her breast implants reduced and enlarged, having settled on the large breast implants she has now. (via)

ashlee simpson nose job
Ashlee Simpson went under the knife for rhinoplasty (nose job). The dramatic improvement of her face made headlines, leading Ashlee Simpson to publically admit that she had plastic surgery. (via)

ashley tisdale nose job
Ashley Tisdale underwent rhinoplasty (nose job) to correct a nasal deviated septum, a common disorder of the nose, causing symptoms such as sinus infections, sleep apnea, snoring, facial pail, nosebleeds and difficulty sleeping. (via)

bruce jenner plastic surgery
Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Bruce Jenner underwent a face lift and nose job that many people felt was too dramatic. He later underwent corrective surgery to tone down his look.(via)

cameron diaz nose job
Cameron Diaz underwent a nose job to correct previous damage to her nose. The actress stated that he broke it too many times in the past, so rhinoplasty was the only option to fix her appearance. (via)

courtney love nose job plastic surgery
Courtney Love had multiple nose jobs, breast implants and lip enhancement. (via)

dolly parton boobs plastic surgery
Dolly Parton has done a lot of plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance. The country icon has undergone eye lifts, lip enhancement and – her most famous asset – a boob job. (via)

hayden panettiere breast implants boobs plastic surgery
Hayden Panettiere has had a subtle breast enhancement, giving her a natural look. Jane Fonda’s plastic surgery includes removal of loose skin and bags under her eyes. (via)

janet jackson nose job
Janet Jackson’s plastic surgery includes a nose job (rhinoplasty). (via)

janice dickinson plastic surgery
Former America’s Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson has long celebrated her plastic surgery, some of which include breast augmentation, tummy tuck, brow lift, eye lift, cheek implants, face lift mini neck lift and more. (via)

jennifer aniston plastic surgery
Jennifer Aniston had a nose job (rhinoplasty). (via)

jessica simpson lips
Jessica Simpson has had lip injections. (via)

joan rivers plastic surgery
Joan Rivers Eyes, nose, lips, breasts, arms, and stomach (via)

kara dioguardi plastic surgery
Kara DioGuardi Liposuction in knees (via)

kathy griffin nose job plastic surgery
Kathy Griffin Nose job, face lift, brow lift, facial peel, liposuction (via)

kim cattrall botox
Kim Cattrall Botox (via)

kourtney kardashian plastic surgery
Kourtney Kardashian Breast implants (via)

latoya jackson nose job
Latoya Jackson Nose job (via)

megan fox plastic surgery
Megan Fox Breast augmentation, nose job, lip injection (via)

michael jackson nose job plastic surgery
Michael Jackson Rhinoplasty, chin reshaping, eye surgery, nose jobs (via)

mickey rourke plastic surgery before and after
Mickey Rourke Nose operation, cartilage taken from ear (via)

nene leakes plastic surgery nose job
NeNe Leakes Face lift, nose job (via)

omarosa breast implants
Omarosa Breast augmentation (via)

patricia heaton breast implants
Patricia Heaton Breast reduction, tummy tuck (via)

sharon osbourne plastic surgery
Sharon Osbourne Face lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, lips enlarged  (via)

simon cowell botox
Simon Cowell Botox injection (via)

tamar braxton lips
Tamar Braxton Lip injection (via)

teri hatcher botox
Teri Hatcher Botox injection (via)

tori spelling boobs breast implants
Tori Spelling Breast implants, nose job (via)

denise richards breast implants
Denise Richards Breast implants (via)

jenny mccarthy breast implants
Jenny McCarthy Botox, breast implants (via)

lil kim plastic surgery skin lightening
Lil Kim Breast implants, nose, cheek implants, liposuction, skin lightening (via)

tara reid breast implants plastic surgery
Tara Reid Breast augmentation, procedures done on stomach (via)

adrianne curry breast implants
Adrianne Curry Breast implants (via)

cher plastic surgery
Cher Nose, teeth, breast augmentation (via)

david hasselhoff botox
David Hasselhoff Botox (via)

heidi montag plastic surgery
Heidi Montag boob job, lip injection, nose job  (via)

kate gosselin breast implants boobs
Kate Gosselin breast augmentation (via)


(Source: )

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Shirtless Sean Lowe The Bachelor

Shirtless Sean Lowe The Bachelor

sean lowe, the bachelor, abc, the bachelor shirtless, shirtless, sean lowe shirtless, celebrities, famous, reality tv

sean lowe shirtless the bachelor shirtless

The Bachelorette star Sean Lowe shirtless


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Taylor Swift’s camel toe

Taylor Swift’s camel toe

Embarrassing or normal? Camel toe fashion disasters can happen to anyone… including a famous female celebrity like Taylor Swift. It’s always best to check with a friend or self-snap photos of yourself to make sure you aren’t revealing any camel toe. The same camel toe situation happened to Mariah Carey (via).

taylor swift camel toe


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Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions!

Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions!

When it comes to nip slips, exposed breasts, butt crack and embarrassing upskirt moments, famous celebrities are certainly not immune. Sometimes these famous female celebrities (and some male celebrities too) fall victim to inexperienced celebrity fashion stylists’ blunders, a simple accident (yes, they happen to celebrities too) or an intentional wardrobe malfunction designed to stir up publicity through their fashion choices (especially if they expose their private parts and reveal celebrity nudity). (SOURCE)

Some best practices for celebrities (and you too) who want to avert a nip slip or having boobs pop out should include invisible double-sided tape to hold the breasts in the top, extra safety pins, and testing the gown out in the elements. Most celebrities fail to test out their dresses under the scrutiny of different types of lighting (as a semi-sheer material might expose the celebrity’s breasts), and even standing by a powered fan to see if the dress material will fly up.

Celebrity nip slips are probably the most common celebrity wardrobe malfunction disaster that gets caught on camera. One solution for the female celebrity would be to wear flesh-colored pasties on their breasts. Nude colored underwear can help female celebrities skip humiliating upskirt exposure.

Some famous celebrities who have been photographed with wardrobe malfunctions include:

lady gaga boobs wardrobe malfunctionlady gaga vagina wardrobe malfunction

Lady Gaga was photographed inadvertently nude when her vagina became exposed in one of her extraordinary costumes. In the photo, Naked Lady Gaga is seen standing in sky high shoes, and the slit in her dress was too high, causing the pop star to reveal her own Little Monster. In another photo, her breasts her exposed in a sheer top. (via)

deena cortese butt wardrobe malfunction naked
MTV fixture Deena Cortese revealed more than she bargained for while moving out of the “Jersey Shore” house. The reality star suffered a wardrobe malfunction when the wind caught her asymmetrical skirt, causing a butt revealing wardrobe malfunction for the celebrity. In another photo, Deena Cortese revealed her nude butt yet again when her she adjusted her bikini while at the beach. (via)

alec baldwin wife hillaria thomas upskirt wardrobe malfunction

The wind got the best of Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria Thomas, who was photographed stepping out of the car. The celebrity wife’s butt was exposed in a celebrity upskirt disaster after a gust of wind caused her dress rose above her butt. (via)

jennifer nicole lee upskirt wardrobe malfunction
Jennifer Nicole Lee gave fans a thrill when she bent over to put her groceries away. Jennifer Nicole Lee’s upskirt nudity was revealed from behind as she unloaded items into the trunk. The celebrity nude wardrobe malfunction was caused by a sudden gust of wind. (via)

rihanna boobs naked wardrobe malfunctionrihanna naked wardrobe malfunction
Oft-nude Rihanna stepped out in a very sheer top, revealing her breasts under the flashing blubs of photographers. Rihanna’s nip slip wardrobe malfunction is nothing new for the provocative singer, as she has a penchant for showing off her boobs and posing nude. (via)

nicky hilton naked wardrobe malfunction
Paris Hilton’s sister Nicky Hilton was snapped with her butt cheeks hanging out of a very short skirt. The celebrity wardrobe malfunction is quite common when tall female celebrities step out in skirts that are too short. (via)

adrienne bailon naked vajayjay wardrobe malfunction
Adrienne Bailon suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the Escape to Total Awards events, where she did not wear panties under her sheer skirt. The singer/actress/tv personality’s modesty wasn’t protected after the wind blew a portion of her skirt up, revealing Adrienne Bailon nude. (via)

demi lovato naked wardrobe malfunction
Demi Lovato had a nip slip during one of her concerts in Dallas. The “X Factor” judge’s breasts were exposed when her breasts spilled out of the top and Demi Lovato’s boobs were briefly exposed while she was on stage. (via)

emma watson naked wardrobe malfunctionemma watson naked wardrobe malfunction
Emma Watson experienced a nip slip during the premiere of “Perks of Being a Wallflower.” In the photo, Emma Watson is seen looking on when the top of her dress exposed Emma Watson’s breasts. Emma Watson nude, Emma Watson naked, Emma Watson boobs, and Emma Watson nip slip are favorite search terms among netzians eager to see the Harry Potter star naked. (via)

kanye west naked underwear wardrobe malfunction
While exiting a car with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West was snapped with his pants down. The rapper didn’t realize the mistake until the pants were on their way to the ground, revealing Kanye West’s underwear. Kanye West should’ve worn a belt and pants in a smaller size to prevent the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. (via)

kristen stewart naked boobs wardrobe malfunction
Kristen Stewart's nip slip was revealed when she attended the “Cosmopolis” premiere. The “Twilight” actress was snapped by photographers with her bare breast exposed. Kristen Stewart's nude blunder could've been avoided if Kristen Stewart's breasts were protected by double-sided tape against her skin and the gown's material. (via)

melody thornton naked boobs wardrobe malfunction
Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton appears to have purposes exposed her breasts. Melody Thornton was snapped in a sheer bronze gown that revealed her boobs under the bright flashing lights of the cameras. Melody Thornton’s breasts should’ve been covered by flesh-colored pasties if she wanted to prevent the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Lady Gaga’s breasts were on display in a very sheer gown during the 2011 Fashion Awards. No doubt she purposely exposed her boobs. This isn’t the first time naked Lady Gaga has been photographed, as she favors low-cut tops and sheer material. (via)

tila tequila naked wardrobe malfunction
Nude Tila Tequila was exposed while posing for cameras at a red carpet event. Tila Tequila is seen smiling for the camera with one of her breasts playing peak-a-boo. Tila Tequila has a history of wardrobe malfunctions. (via)

joanna krupa naked boobs wardrobe malfunction
Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa's boobs were revealed in a sheer top. The model wore a see-through blouse in L.A. and Joanna Krupa's breasts were exposed under the photographer's camera lights. The embarrassing wardrobe malfunction is fairly common with sheer materials. Nude Joanna Krupa could've protected her modesty by wearing a bra or a small tank top under the sheer blouse. (via)

jennifer lopez naked boobs wardrobe malfunction
Jennifer Lopez's breasts were exposed at the Unipol Arena in Bologna, Italy during a concert. Jennifer Lopez's nip-slip happened during her first tour in Italy. Jennifer Lopez has suffered many nip slip wardrobe malfunctions before. (via)

lindsay lohan naked nip slip wardrobe malfunctions
Lindsay Lohan posed completely nude for Playboy, but her Liz & Dick co-star was able to get an eyeful of his own when Lindsay Lohan suffered a nip slip while filming a scene for the Lifetime film. (via)

amber heard naked wardrobe malfunction
Amber Heard has a minor wardrobe malfunction in a silky black gown at the Metropolitan Opera premiere of Jules Massenet’s “Manon” in NYC. The Rum Diary star accidently revealed part of her undergarment to the onlooking photographers. If Amber Heard placed the invisible tape closer to her boobs, the incident could’ve been avoided. (via)

taylor swift naked upskirt wardrobe malfunction
Taylor Swift suffered a Marilyn Monroe moment while performing onstage. Taylor Swift’s panies were revealed when a gust of wind blew up her skirt. (via)

nicki minaj naked nip slip boobs good morning america
Nicki Minaj had a nip slip on Good Morning America. Nicki Minaj popped out of her top while performing on the show. Nicki Minaj’s boobs were exposed briefly, causing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction for the rapper. Nicki Minaj could’ve avoided the wardrobe malfunction disaster if she worse flesh-colored pasties over her breasts. (via)

katy perry upskirt
Katy Perry had a Marilyn Monroe inspired wardrobe malfunction in a white mini-dress at the premiere of The Smurfs at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City. Katy Perry fell victim to a gust of win that blew up Katy Perry’s skirt. Katy Perry’s upskirt moment would’ve been disastrous had she not worn panties. Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions like this is common, so wearing proper undergarments helps avoid further embarrassment. (via)

ciara boobs naked wardrobe malfunction
Ciara sizzled in a bikini, but she revealed more than she bargained for. The sexy singer suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction while she was still in the water in Miami Beach. Ciara’s breasts were exposed when her bikini top moved out of place, causing Caira’s boobs to fall out of the pink string bikini decorated with sequins. (via)

kelly rowland boobs nip slip wardrobe malfunction
Kelly Rowland's breasts were exposed during a performance after her top rose upward. Kelly Rowland wore a wonky-fitting top that had several embellishments underneath. (via)

jessica stroup naked wardrobe malfunction
Jessica Stroup has a very curious wardrobe malfunction! Is the 90210 actress wearing boy shorts or are her undies just ripped? Either way, the paparazzi caught an unflattering moment of the actress while she was filming a scene with co-star Trevor Donovan in Redondo Beach. (via)

brad pitt wardrobe malfunction
When faced with such a lovely countenance and confident come-hither look, it’s hard to notice Brad Pitt needs to zip his fly! The celebrity wardrobe malfunction could’ve been much worse for Brad Pitt. Simply double-checking your outfit would’ve resolved the issue. (via)

jessica alba naked boobs wardrobe malfunction
Jessica Alba was spared her blushes on the red carpet during an event. The Actress’s gown strap fell down as she posed for photos. Jessica Alba could’ve avoided the red carpet wardrobe malfunction by pinning the straps together or using invisible tape. (via)

kate beckinsale boobs naked wardrobe malfunction
Kate Beckinsale had to reach inside her boobs to grab an earring that dropped out of her ear during a red carpet event. Kate Beckinsale was all smiles when the wardrobe malfunction photo happened, but it could’ve been avoided had she used more supporting earring backings. (via)
hellen mirren wardrobe malfunction
When Dame Hellen Mirren loses an earring, the interview musn’t go on! (Can you find it?). Yet another celebrity wardrobe malfunction caught on camera! (via)

gwyneth paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow's celebrity wardrobe malfunction probably caught the eyes of many Tonight Show viewers. Gwyneth Paltrow sat down for a chat with Jay Leno during her visit and displayed shiny, greasy legs. Gwyneth Paltrow probably moisturized over zealously moments prior to the interview, then realized what had happened and removed the oil from her legs. (via)

katherine heigl boobs naked wardrobe malfunction
Katherine Heigl nearly had a nip slip while at the podium alongside Billy Bush – who gleamed at the prospect of an eyeful. Katherine Heigl spared her blushes by cupping her breasts as she saved her gown’s strap from falling down. The celebrity wardrobe malfunction was avoided because of Katherine Heigl’s lightening fast reaction. It certainly helps that Katherine Heigl was all smiles throughout the embarrassing fashion disaster for the former Grey’s Anatomy star. For a well-endowed women like Katherine Heigl, she should’ve worn pasties on her boobs if she planned on not wearing a bra. Safety pinning the gown straps would’ve also been helpful. (via)

sigourney weaver boobs naked wardrobe malfunction
Sigourney Weaver neglected to consider the profile shot when she was dressed for a photo call session. Sigourney Weaver’s blouse buttons could barely hold back her boobs without the help of a supportive bra, causing the embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunction. (via)

toni braxton naked wardrobe malfunction upskirt
Toni Braxton suffered an unflattering photo when a gust of wind got the best of her dress, revealing her panties during a performance. The embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunction could’ve been avoided if Toni Braxton wore a pantsuit, considering the weather conditions. (via)

fergie naked wardrobe malfunction
Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has suffered her fair share of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions in the past. Fergie previously was snapped with wet stains along her bikini line that some fans believed to be urine pee stains. Seen her, Fergie’s zipper is clearly undone – and it caught the eyes of her backup dancers. (via)